Whoppers + Saag + Sweet Treats

While I'm still following the 80/20 Plants lifestyle (that's 80% whole food, plant-based and 20% indulgent), I'm also open to having a few more indulgent days. 80/20 is my aim most of the time, but if I end up with a 60/40 day, that's fine too. Healthy eating is all about what you do MOST OF THE TIME.

So if I want to eat an Impossible Whopper and Fries before heading out to see Triple Six Mafia, Bone Thugs, and the Ying Yang Twins in concert, so be it! Ha! That's exactly what happened before I went to that concert on Saturday night.

As the name of my blog implies, I'm a big fan of late-90s, Memphis-style crunk rap, and this concert (a birthday gift from my friend Misti) was a dream come true.

I also treated myself to a few sweet treats over the last few days. I had this awesome Blueberry Lemon Muffin from the cafe at Crosstown Arts as an afternoon snack last Thursday.

And I picked up two more treats at Lulu's at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market on Saturday. I had one of their classic Morning Buns (a slightly sweet and cinnamon-y bun) and a slice of Chocolate Sourdough Cake with Ginger Frosting.

But I've been balancing all this indulgence out with some healthy meals too! James, our cook at Crosstown Arts, gave me some leftover Butternut Squash Saag. Though our cafe only has pastries available for the public, they still prepare vegan meals daily for our resident artists (who get free meals as part of the residency program). And sometimes, there are leftovers! I took this amazing coconutty saag home and had it over quinoa with some sauteed spinach.

And finally, here's a wholesome and yummy breakfast from last week. I made Tofu Eggs Over Toast with pickled onion and spinach. To make my tofu eggs, I saute tofu slabs and add a little Vegg yolk and black salt.

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