Birthday Yogurt!

I got lots of food gifts (and some liquor) for my birthday this year cause my friends know me well. I like to consume things! My friend Jennifer makes the BEST homemade unsweetened soy yogurt, so I was excited to get two jars from her. It's so hard to find totally unsweetened vegan yogurt around here, and Jennifer's is perfect. No, there's not a blue yogurt. That's just a blue jar!
I've been using Jenn's yogurt in a lot of ways lately. Of course, I've been having yogurt bowls with granola (my friend Mike gave me a bag of chocolate Love Granola, along with other snacks, for my birthday), plus berries, walnuts, and flax. By the way, my dad got me new lightbox lights for my birthday, so you'll stop seeing these poorly lit photos very soon! Thanks daddy!
Since it's unsweetened, the yogurt is also yummy in savory recipes. I mixed together some yogurt, fresh garlic, and lemon juice for this tasty Grain Green Bean Bowl with brown rice, pintos, and spinach.
And just today, I topped a Black Bean Tostada with Chao cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and yogurt — a perfect stand-in for sour cream!

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